Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Kill Refurb Marry - Spots for Watching the World Go By

It's time once again to play one of our favorite blogger games: Kill Refurb Marry. You know the rules but do check out our friends at Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog for more great posts. This month the idea is for spots watching the world go by. Since there are a lot of great spots to sit back and soak in the day and atmosphere for a bit, I decided to stick to the Animal Kingdom and the Lodge.  So here are my entries:

Entertaining yes. Relaxing no.

Kill: Yak and Yeti counter service has gotten some new food items recently but one thing it hasn't gotten is a good place to sit and relax. A. You often can't find a seat. B. Relaxing is out of the question. Tables are jammed everywhere so even if you do manage to snag a chair people bump into you all the time. And half of them are soaked from Kali as it seems the counter service seating area acts as a causeway in and out of Kali and the Jungle Trek. Its a traffic mess. So while you try to scarf down some honey chicken keep your elbows tucked in, you could lose one.

Here's a tip take your food and head across the path to Drinkwallah there is a great quiet spot down a few steps near the water.

Where are the damn hogs?

Refurb: The Maji pool bar has some of my favorite things: warm water, fancy cocktails and animal viewing. But to be honest the animal viewing is tucked away in a little corner. There is no place to sit and watch the animals yet there is a nice savanna right there. I mean RIGHT THERE.

Oh its all the way over there

All you need to do is open up some of the greenery there that's blocking some nice looks at okapi, red river hogs and beautiful blue cranes. So bust out the hedge clippers and lets have some table views of the Pembe savanna.

Brooke and Alex know how to live

Marry: This one is as easy as it gets, the Dawa bar, one of my favorite spots in the world. Nothing quite beats a sugar cane mojito or a signature bloody mary while sitting back and soaking up Harambe. Sooner or later you will get a set by the Tam Tam drummers or Burudika, either way life is as good as it gets.

By Safari Mike

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