Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Disney Photo Safari

Everyone has their favorite things to do at a Disney theme park. Whether it be a favorite ride, show or even restaurant there is always something, and often more than one thing, that people simply can't go to a Disney theme park without doing. And I am no different, especially at my favorite park anywhere, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Believe me when I tell you, I love all the attractions, all the restaurants and certainly all of the incredible live music and stage shows at DAK. Of course I do, I write a blog about it for crying out loud! But there is one thing I love more than any other....

And that something is actually many, many things...the animals. And more specifically, I love to photograph them. I may not be any good at it, heck I am certainly nothing near a pro, but I can not go to Disney's Animal Kingdom without my trusty Canon at my side. (Yes, my wife makes all there expected embarrassing tourist jokes.)

So that is why I wanted to take this post and invite any of our readers, who haven't already, to join me over at my other blog called the Disney Photo Safari. For the last few months, and for the foreseeable future judging by the amount of memory taken up by animal photos on my computer, I have been posting some of my favorites.

And these are only animal photos, taken from all over Disney's Animal Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom Lodge. I have plenty of great scenery photos from DAK, but you can find those on this blog in our "A Photo for Today" series.

So if you love animals as much as I do, even the ones that might be a little scary or intimidating, you can simply click the Photos tab on the line bar at the top of this page. Bookmark that page and come back and check whenever you need a smile. That is, as long as white-cheeked gibbons being silly also makes you smile.

So thank you in advance, and if you have any questions or any great animals photos of your own you would like to share, follow me on Twitter @RadioHarambe or fill out the the contact form on the side and drop me a line. Asante Sana!

by Dave McBride (@RadioHarambe)

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