Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New Birds on Pangani

The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail is a terrific exhibit. And one of my favorite parts is the aviary. I have said this on a few occasions: Disney's Animal Kingdom exhibits birds better than just about anyone. From the informational Flights of Wonder, to the impressive Winged Encounters and finally the free flight aviaries, Disney has improved on some of the old enclosed cages of the zoo world.

Paradise Whydah (image copyright Disney)
Today, Disney has announced 5 new species are on exhibit at the Pangani aviary. The 5 species are all beautiful little song birds. In the coming months I will likely do some Safari Mike pieces on these little fellas but for now, Disney has provided a little blurb on each species.

bronze mannikin (image copyright Disney)

There are two new kinds of whydahs: the pintail and the paradise. The males in all kinds of whydahs have long tails during the breeding season. They use these in courtship dances to try to impress the females, not unlike how the weaver birds use their nest building skills as chick magnets. Neither of these 2 species are endangered.

cut-throat finch (image copyright Disney)
I just like the name of the cut-throat finch. The males have red sashes on their neck so they look like their throats have been cut. The lavender waxbill also has some red, a deeper shade however, and its on the bird's tail. The rest of the bird has a faint purple-grey color and is quite pretty. Finally, there is the bronze mannikin. These birds are mostly dark feathered with iridescent greenish coloration of the shoulders which lends the bird it's name.

None of these beautiful birds are endangered thankfully. And these additional 5 species brings the total in the exhibit to 29 different types of bird. Plus, Disney has said additional species will be added in the coming months. 

By Safari Mike 

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