Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The perfect day in photos

I asked on twitter what should I post on the blog in celebration of Disney's Animal Kingdom as today is it's 17th birthday. My friend Lisa Green (check out her podcast The Disney Exchange) suggested the perfect day in the Animal Kingdom. An excellent choice I think, although every day is the perfect day no? So I decided to do it but in pictures. So here it is: a picture expose of a perfect day. Or at least one kind of perfect day.

We begin

Until we see this 

We will rope drop:

and check out 

Then it's off to Expedition Everest and Serka Zong:

Then it's

Lunch time at Flame Tree

Off to 



While I watch 

Before enjoying 


Then off to 

Let's grab a quick bite at

And as it gets dark

And some late night shopping


But first a 

By Safari Mike


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