Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Close Look at Zuri's offerings

Thanks again to Scott Campbell at Dixie Landings Radio for the great photos. Here is some specific items for your perusal. Lets start with barbecue suace.

I need this in my life like yesterday

Not only are the bags cool but African spice popcorn? YES

Cool packaging

This looks amazing and such a cool product
I'm buying these chocolates

I love berbere spices

No idea what this is but I'm in
These are all great. I'm glad its not just a candy store
speaking of sweets, gourmet cocoa looks great and unique

I'm into these unique coffee blends too
Now for the candy counter and these guys
And these cool looking dudes
I really want these cookes
So everything you just saw can be found in Zuri's Sweet Shop. And, at least at this moment, only Zuri's. I find that a fantastic thing. A store that carries a lot of unique items is a must browse for me. So I know I will be here often.

By Safari Mike

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