Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Posters of Harambe Market

In the old port of Harambe, there are some amazing posters and wall art that really step up the aesthetics. This theming device was used at the theater district that opened last year. Harambe Market is no exception to the rule of great posters.

Here are some of the posters for your enjoyment.
Even the signs for the service are cool
Clearly this sign is dedicated to me
There does seem to be plenty of seats
No idea who this is supposed to be
Um, ok. With ribs?

I always liked this one which is in other parts of Harambe too

I hear Bill is good at shoe repairs
Cool ads for the Festival of the Lion King
More ads, this one for the Tusker in "Old Harambe"

A nice note to end with. Also, two more randomly placed bikes.

By Safari Mike

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