Monday, June 15, 2015

Zuri's Sweet Shop is Looking Very Promising

At the end of last week, Disney released some great information about what we can expect to see for sale at Zuri's Sweet Shop, the finally bit of Harambe Market yet to open. (And of course the released this right after we recorded out latest episode of Radio Harambe...why do they keep doing that to us??)

My usual snarky attitude towards new things at Walt Disney World these days led me to believe Zuri's was just going to be another shop filled with the usual Disney candy items found all over the resort. But thankfully it appears I was wrong. It looks as though Zuri's is going have its own identity and will blend in a bit more with its surroundings. Here is what Patrice Guy, a merchandiser at Disney Theme Park Merchandise, had to say on a Disney Parks Blog post last week...

“We have created approximately 80 new items that range from decorative candy apples to uniquely flavored chocolate bars to delicious popcorn,” explained Patrice. “With Zuri’s Sweets Shop, we wanted to offer highly-themed goods inspired by the sights, sounds and flavors of Africa. Many of the items will be unique to this location making them delicious gifts for loved ones, or something special to enjoy during a visit to the park.”
From what we can see, Zuri's will continue the tradition at Disney's Animal Kingdom of adding just enough authenticity and ethnicity to items Disney travelers are already familiar with. We all know what a chocolate bar is, but we may not have tried one with "spicy cinnamon banana crisp".

My only fear is these things, though probably delicious, will scare off the average guest who only wants a Mickey bar and these unique items will eventually go the way of the African Spice Cake. (I curse the Cast Member who made that decision!)

by Dave McBride (@RadioHarambe)

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