Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Zuri's Sweets Shop opened today

Today, the big news is Zuri's Sweet Shoppe opened completing Harambe Market. It is actually directly across from the open gate of the Market.

Our intrepid reporter Scott Campbell of the awesome Dixie Landings Radio podcast with co-host Matt Holley took some great photographs for us. Follow Scott at @scottacampbell and Matt at @mholley579 on twitter. The place is larger that I would have thought.

The shelves have a lot of great looking items. Like cool looking coffee mugs and tumblers.

There are also specialty coffees from Joffrey's that Scott assures us make the place smell great. You may recall that Joffrey's has put out specialty blends based on restaurants like the Tusker House. Buy them here.

Theses shelves also hold the specialty cocoas, spice rubs and the Flame Tree BBQ sauce. There are also african wines like those below available here. South Africa in particular puts out some great wines (though I am more partial to Chilean wines but I digress).

So it's not just sweets. There are plates and the like as seen below.

The designs are awesome. So are the baskets. But there are, naturally, a lot for the sweet tooth.

Like those candies. And also specialty chocolates.

The monkey and elephant candy apples look fun. I also want zebra cookies.

I don't see any zebra domes, however. Near here is a connection to Ziwadi Traders and Mobassa Market. So this store actually connects to the 2 that open into Old Harambe.

For pre-wrapped snacks, there is flavored popcorn and rice krispie treats. Plus, the coolest wrapped chocolate bars you will ever see, And yes, there is more than one entrance as well as the obligatory bike.

There is also some cookbooks and other similar gifts available. So this store seems to be great. Its unlike any other shop at the park. And what's more important, sells items you simply cannot find anywhere else. That is always an important facet of any WDW store. Comingsoon will be a close up look at some specific items.

By Safari Mike

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