Thursday, July 16, 2015

Shanghai Disneyland: It must be nice.

This week Disney has come out with some more details about the new Asian park, Shanghai Disneyland which is set to open next year. Bob Iger in a press event brought out a big beautiful model of the place. And yes, it looks great. The Storybook Castle looks huge. The Pirates themed land should be entertaining. But we pretty much knew about those.

There are some things that we are learning about now. For example, it seems Shanghai is going to have a great Tomorrowland if you can believe that. The Tron light cycle coaster seems truly innovative, and aesthetically fantastic. I wish the WDW version of the land was getting this look.

But more importantly for the Animal Kingdom, the park will have a land called Adventure Isle that looks like it belongs in our park. Look at the lushness and beauty of the place from the concept art below. It has a giant mountain with cascading waterfalls and an attraction called Roaring Rapids.

Photo Copyright by Disney

The backstory seems so Animal Kingdom-ish too. Rafts take guests into caves where they will discover the secrets of an ancient tribal legend and a giant crocodile dino looking monster. The back story of the land itself is said to revolve around a civilization that thrived years ago and was discovered by SEA, the Society of Explorers and Adventurers. Dammit I had this idea almost a year ago to the day. Argh.

Photo Copyright by Disney

It so nice to see Imagineering flexing their Imagineering muscles. The attraction looks amazing and has nothing to do with any IP. Instead, it seems well themed all on its own.

Mythical creatures, ancient civilizations, exploring - right in the Animal Kingdom wheelhouse too. Why does Shanghai have to get all these nice things?

By Safari Mike

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