Friday, July 17, 2015

Walk around the new Flame Tree BBQ

Friend of the blog, Melena Perry has sent along some great photos of the recently reopened Flame Tree Barbecue. Melena helped us out after Starbucks opened and is helping us again.

The counters looks the same but the menu has some new additions

#5 and #6 are different, the jerk chicken and watermelon salads. They have also thrown in what is now a DAK signature,  alcoholic lemonade. This one being a mandarin orange vodka type.

The major change here is the covering where you order. You used to be left out in the elements as you waited on line.

Now there is plenty of space to queue up and be covered.

The color schemes where you order are still bright and vibrant.

Outside, however, seems a bit more subdued. The seating area looks relatively the same.


As you can see, there are no covered walkways.

The view is still great of Everest.

It will have a nice look at the Rivers of Light. I suspect this will be a sought after seat.

All in all, the place looks great

And the ape is still there

By Safari Mike

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