Friday, August 14, 2015

Avatarland at D23

Some interesting information is coming through at D23. As we all know, there is an exhibit at the convention showcasing some imagineering stuff, specifically models and whatnot from Shanghai Disney and Avatarland.

One of the main things they are showcasing for Avatar is the backstory. That is apparently the idea will be that a intergalactic travel company Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE for short) is beginning travels to the far away planet. They even have some awesome travel posters.

I particularly like the evening poster which highlights the difference between daylight Pandora and nighttime Pandora.

This difference is even translated to the model of the land itself.

Take a look at the "day time" Pandora

The above shot is actually taken over the "base" which will be the shopping/eating area of the land. The idea is this is home base for ACE before heading out on trips. You will see more on that later in this post but first a night view of the model...

The floating mountains are huge - which makes sense since they will hold the Bansee Soaring ride. I have to say it looks fascinating. And Disney gave you some models of the animals too.

Here are some looks at the various critters.

Many of these you will recognize from the movie, assuming you have seen it.

They also handed out a booklet giving you some details.

They are really pushing the travel agency back story which I like. It reminds me a bit of the Dinoland back story with the Time Rovers and Dino Institute. Notice how they talk about an expedition base. Read that to mean: counter service and gift shop.

Who will learn Pandoran? I need my hands on one of these brochures, I like the way they give you some of the highlights of your trip. Can they really pull off floating mountains? Glow in the dark forests? The attractions will likely be great but if they can float a mountain, well that will be a "wow" moment. Now for a map and some pointers. 

Again they reference a lodge which will give a built in excuse for architecture. We all have to eat, drink, shop and use a rest room. I wonder if Marshall Lamm will be Avatarland's version of Dr. Seeker? I have heard from our friend Jeff (who you should follow on twitter as @braindud92) that there was a film that was quite cheesy but really played up the guided eco tour theme.

Read this part above carefully. Yes, its pimping a cool satchel for sale at D23 but it also might give you a hint of what to expect. A shaman singing by a river? A trumpteting hammerhead (one of the featured critters)? Are these scenes for the river cruise? Secret caves? Yes please. I sure hope there is a lot of nooks and crannies to explore.

Again, thanks to Jeff for all of the photos and the details for this exhibit at D23.

By Safari Mike

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