Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Loss of Whimsy?

We have broached the subject before on Radio Harambe. But we are concerned there may be a loss of what makes the park's hub, Discovery Island, so great. It's whimsical nature.

It all started with the advent of Starbucks. Now, unlike some others on our team, I am not anti-Starbucks. But I am not a big fan of the change to earth tones.

Now compare that to the look of the rest of the island.

The tropical island feel permeates the place.

The fun designs accentuate the style. Even with the potted plants.

Imagineers traveled throughout the world in order to design this park and it shows. On Discovery Island, the main influence is Bali, a small island off the coast of Indonesia. But designers also used the Caribbean and other island cultures as a back drop. You see Discovery Island is supposed to be a sort of amalgamation of all of these island cultures, many of which use bright primary colors. Look at the old siding of the Flame Tree BBQ pre-recent refurb.

Now look at the current siding of Flame Tree BBQ.

Whimsical, yes. Bright? Not really. Its much more earthy its look. A deep red clay color. Yes, it looks good but I much prefer the tropical island look of the old one.

Hopefully, we don't lose more of that style with the currently under refurbishment Disney Outfitters and Island Merchantile.

But I think we will.

By Safari Mike

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