Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Disney's Animal Kingdom News Roundup for October 28, 2015: More information for Rivers of Light

More information on Rivers of Light: Our friends over at WDWThemeParks have posted some information they got on Rivers of Light. There has been a call for entertainers including seeking Contemporary and "Bollywood-esque" dancers. These will be featured roles that will orchestrate the action conveying an "ancient and timeless celebration." The show will apparently begin with a pair of shamans, who come to the river with gifts of light. Their acolytes will join them as they go out into the water on lantern ships. They will then summon animal spirits. It all sounds really kinda cool.

Rivers of Light work continues

 New buttons: It is the 20th anniversary of the Disney's Wildlife Conservation Fund (which was founded on Earth day in 1995, three years before the park). To celebrate, Disney has released all new buttons. The first special button, available now, features a baby elephant.

elephants make good designs

Disney Outfitters renovations until November 2015
Pizzafari closed until November 15, 2015
Flights of Wonder closed until November 5, 2015
Primeval Whirl closed until November 12, 2015

Park Hours for this week are....
Wednesday October 28 9am-5pm (Extra Magic Hours 8am to 9am)
Thursday October 29 9am- 6pm
Friday October 30 9am- 6pm (Extra Magic Hours 8am to 9am)
Saturday October 31 8am-  6:30pm
Sunday November 1 8am- 6:30pm
Monday November 2 9am- 6:30pm
Tuesday November 3 9am- 6pm

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