Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween. In years past, Disney celebrated Bat Day on October 31st. They stopped doing that last year. So, let's Celebrate it here on Jambo Everyone.

Bats are badly misunderstood creatures, much like sharks and wolves. People fear them, mostly due to the legend of the vampire but also due to their nocturnal nature and creepy flight patterns. Some bats have very bizarre faces and well, some actually drink blood.

But bats are extremely important. Carnivorous bats eats hundreds of insects an hour. That's right hundreds. Without them, mosquitoes and other bugs would be running amok causing damage and disease. Vegetarians are important for their forests homes distributing seeds across the habitat.

So don't disparage bats. Build yourself a bat home, it works a lot better than bug spray and isn't toxic. Have a happy Halloween!

By Safari Mike

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