Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Episode 73 of Radio Harambe - Nighttime News Special

It’s another special episode of Radio Harambe. This one is dedicated to all the news from Disney’s Animal Kingdom released last week, including a name and concept for a new restaurant on Discovery Island and lots of news regarding the Rivers of Light.
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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Photo For the Day: It's all in a bench

Yes, I know Chester and Hester's DinoRama gets a bad rap. Yes, I know a lot of people hate the black top and the carnie games. I get it. I do. But there is a lot to like about the area.

2 of those things are theming and back story. And this area has plenty of it. And that includes that amazing bench. It seems innocuous enough, but its so darn cool with its shiny dinos and beaten up look.

By Safari Mike

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Tiffins Coming to Discovery Island

We have known for some time now that a new sit down restaurant was being added to the area behind Pizzafari. Disney on Friday released some additional details. In short, Tiffins (which is an Indian English word for a food container used while traveling). The theme, in keeping with the name, is cuisine from the lands of Disney's Animal Kingdom. Considering there really isn't a Dino or Avatar cuisine, I am thinking it will be an African-Indian fusion. Which is, of course, the style of Sanaa. I suspect this restaurant will have similar flavors.

Photo courtesy of Disney

The place will also be a signature. So it will be high quality and naturally, high price. For Dining plan people, this will be a two credit joint. There will be outdoor water views. The Discovery River which separates Pandora from the hub is right there so that is the water you will see. I suppose you may have views of the floating mountains which are being installed now.

Disney is saying this will be open in 2016 and we are hearing Spring, which is exactly the same time frame as Rivers of Light and the Sunset Safari.

By Safari Mike

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Episode 72 of Radio Harambe - DAK Thrown Down Part Two: Expedition Everest vs. Splash Mountain

We have another Animal Kingdom Throw-Down! This time, Dave takes on Gary from the Por Favor Podcast in a debate between Splash Mountain and Expedition Everest. Before that, Dave and Safari Mike discuss the news from Disney’s Animal Kingdom and the rest of Walt Disney World including hyenas, elephants, floating mountains and plenty of Star Wars news as well. Dave also has a huge personal milestone at the beginning of the show!

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Monday, November 16, 2015

Leopard in the Land DVD release

Its the holiday season again. And this year we recommend Leopard in the Land, which releases tomorrow, November 17th on DVD on amazon.

On episode 55, we did a detailed review of the film. So go ahead and check that out. Needless to say its a beautiful film. And for a worthy cause. As I am sure you all know, this is really a film about the journey of Joe Rohde and the amazing landscape of Mongolia. 

The snow leopard is a highly endangered and extraordinary big cat found in the mountains of Asia from Mongolia to India to Nepal. Unfortunately, the species suffers from poaching for its fur, habitat destruction and, most dangerous of all, death at the hands of farmers protecting their herds. 

Enjoying a close encounter with Snow Leopards at the Central Park Zoo

The Snow Leopard Conservancy is doing its best to increase education especially to local people, and help set up habitat to save the snow leopard. So definitely pick up this film, and help the snow leopard.

By Safari Mike 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Episode 71 of Radio Harambe - DAK Thrown-Down Part One (Kidani Village vs. Port Orleans Riverside)

It's time for our first DAK Throw-Down! (That's Safari Mike-speak for a debate between something Animal Kingdom related against something non-DAK related.) Today's Throw-Down is Kidani Village vs. Port Orleans Riverside and will be contested by Safari Mike and Scott from the Dixie Landings Radio Podcast. The moderators for the Throw-Down are Dave who is joined by Gary from the Por Favor Podcast.

Before the debate, Dave and Safari Mike discuss all the news from Disney's Animal Kingdom and the rest of Walt Disney World, including some new info on Avatar, a look at the size of the new sit-down restaurant coming to Discovery Island, and something called the Riverside Depot. If you have any comments or questions, email us at Asante Sana!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

The Hyenas are on exhibit

We are getting closer to the Sunset Safari. One step is the completion of the hyena exhibit that has been under construction. Now, the hyenas are out. Thanks to friend of the show @JollyCaucusRace (follow him on twitter, he just did the Jingle Jungle), we have confirmation of that.

Hiding out in a cave

I can't say the hyenas will always be on exhibit, but they are starting to put them out there. Generally, new animals are put on exhibit sporadically so they can get used to their new surroundings as well as the guests (and safari trucks). However, starting this past weekend, you now have a chance to see the new residents of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve.

By Safari Mike

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harambe Market's not so Hidden Mickey

Ok, I have to admit I am no fan of hidden mickeys. When they first became vogue, they were kind of cute. But much like the pin craze, there has been some serious overkill. Nothing new at WDW comes without a boat load of little hidden mickey ears somewhere in the design. The days of the viking in mouse ears being unique are long gone (well, so is the viking but that is a different story altogether).  

Of course, you are probably asking, how is this one hidden? Well, "fichwa" is swahili for the word "hidden." So, there you have it, Harambe Market's very own hidden mickey. I personally love how it's not quite right, as if some kid decided to draw Mickey Mouse on the side of the wall. Perfect theming. 

By Safari Mike 

Friday, November 6, 2015

More details on the Na'vi River Journey

What is it about the Japanese D23 Expo and Avatar. The first real information on the Florida land was released there. And now, some interesting details about the boat ride were released at this year's D23 expo last night.

The information from the Parks blog, in part reads:

Pandora – The World of AVATAR will bring a variety of new experiences to the Park, including a family-friendly attraction called Na’vi River Journey. The adventure begins as guests set out in canoes and venture down a mysterious, sacred river hidden within the bioluminescent rainforest. The full beauty of Pandora reveals itself as the canoes pass by exotic glowing plants and amazing creatures. The journey culminates in an encounter with a Na’vi shaman, who has a deep connection to the life force of Pandora and sends positive energy out into the forest through her music

The information also confirms that this attraction and the land will be opening in 2017. There have been rumblings that Disney might be pushing to get the land open by the end of 2016. That seems unlikely.

photo by Disney

The above piece of concept art is brand new.  It certainly provides some interesting details. It shows some Nav'i along the riverbank. It also appears that those horse like creatures are a part of this. All of these promise to be state of the art AAs.

The description also contains some interesting clues. Number one, there will be a shaman using music - very similar to what the description of the Rivers of Light will have. It also seems the entire ride will be within a bioluminescent forest, meaning it will be basically indoors. Also, it means that no matter what time of day, you will be able to enjoy night time Avatar land. Disney also made a point to say that this ride is a family ride, as the other attraction is more thrilling, i.e. will have height and health restrictions.

By Safari Mike

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Episode 70 of Radio Harambe - Celebrating the Disney Conservation Fund

This year the Disney Conservation Fund is celebrating its 20 year anniversary, so we thought we would offer our salute to the DCF by dedicated the final segment of this show to the good work they do. Dave and Safari Mike also discuss the news from Disney's Animal Kingdom and the rest of Walt Disney World, including new water buffaloes on the Maharajah Jungle Trek, a Rivers of Light update, and Dave books a cruise!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

DAK Theme spotlight: The dhow

A dhow is a traditional Arabic boat, used to go up and down rivers for the trading of goods. These flat bottom vessels are perfect for plying the relatively shallow rivers of the region. This one, along the Discovery River, sits near Drinkwallah. It is trading among other things, drinks.

This particular boat is relatively new. Its a replica of one that sat in this spot beginning in 1998 and being replaced about 10 years later. The original was the largest prop ever shipped to the Florida resort. Imagineers found it in Indonesia and just had to have it.

It does add to the theme of the area. Its beautiful coloration and design are a perfect complement for the natural water way.

By Safari Mike