Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Harambe Market's not so Hidden Mickey

Ok, I have to admit I am no fan of hidden mickeys. When they first became vogue, they were kind of cute. But much like the pin craze, there has been some serious overkill. Nothing new at WDW comes without a boat load of little hidden mickey ears somewhere in the design. The days of the viking in mouse ears being unique are long gone (well, so is the viking but that is a different story altogether).  

Of course, you are probably asking, how is this one hidden? Well, "fichwa" is swahili for the word "hidden." So, there you have it, Harambe Market's very own hidden mickey. I personally love how it's not quite right, as if some kid decided to draw Mickey Mouse on the side of the wall. Perfect theming. 

By Safari Mike 

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  1. idk what to think i just know i think there is still something to hide about harambe that can't be all the info about it there has to be a little more to the story.