Monday, November 16, 2015

Leopard in the Land DVD release

Its the holiday season again. And this year we recommend Leopard in the Land, which releases tomorrow, November 17th on DVD on amazon.

On episode 55, we did a detailed review of the film. So go ahead and check that out. Needless to say its a beautiful film. And for a worthy cause. As I am sure you all know, this is really a film about the journey of Joe Rohde and the amazing landscape of Mongolia. 

The snow leopard is a highly endangered and extraordinary big cat found in the mountains of Asia from Mongolia to India to Nepal. Unfortunately, the species suffers from poaching for its fur, habitat destruction and, most dangerous of all, death at the hands of farmers protecting their herds. 

Enjoying a close encounter with Snow Leopards at the Central Park Zoo

The Snow Leopard Conservancy is doing its best to increase education especially to local people, and help set up habitat to save the snow leopard. So definitely pick up this film, and help the snow leopard.

By Safari Mike 

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