Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Getting Ready for the Riverside Depot

We have been talking about this on Radio Harambe. The Riverside Depot is about to open to the public on December 8th.

We also know that it is not a re-branding of the Disney Outfitters but an all new shop attached to the old Outfitters.

However, we do the building's theme. Its is themed to animals in and around water. You will see fish, cranes, crocodiles and the like. All of the shops at the island have similar themes.

For example, the Island Mercantile, which is suppose to carry good from around the world, has animal designs representing critters that work like bees, camels and beavers. Disney Outfitters has animals from the four corners of the globe.

It makes sense something called Riverside Depot would showcase animals that live in or near water. Without knowing what it will sell (we are assuming at this point it will be standard Disney merch), we can't really say how much we like it, but we certainly like the aesthetic.

Thanks to friend of the blog, Jeff for these great pictures. Follow him on Twitter @braindud92

By Safari Mike

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