Friday, January 1, 2016

2015, The DAK Year in Pictures

A quick look through pictures on the blog of the year that was 2015 for Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Yea, I met Joe

The year started off with a lot of walls
At the time we had no idea that new roots were being installed
And soon after we got a new cotton top tamarin exhibit
Walls walls everywhere

The biggest edition of the year was Harambe Market
The details were amazing

They also began building the sunset safari 
Zuri's sweets came to complete the new Market area
lots of goodies 
The Starbucks also opened in June 

Flame Tree got a refurb and paint job

New darker tones were added to Discovery Island 
Then along came D23
With Pandora models and brochures
And a backstory
Rivers of Light construction is getting closer to completion

The hyenas were on exhibit by the end of the year
New stores and bars were added towards the end of 2015
And so were floating mountains 
2016 should be a great year for the park, and hopefully, for the blog and podcast.


Safari Mike

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