Friday, January 22, 2016

Here Comes Zootopia

Disney 's new animated feature is set to debut in just a few weeks, March 4th to be exact. The film is set in a fictional world where animals live and talk like humans. Its apparently a buddy cop kind of story set around a policewoman bunny rabbit and a conman fox. The trailers, frankly, look great. And, Disney will be rolling out the hype machine soon including some in-park stuff. One thing Disney has done in recent years is show an extended trailer in the parks and that is happening now at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Disney also announced some interesting features to debut at Rafiki's Planet Watch on January 29th. An exhibit will show how animators researched animal behavior for 18 months in preparation for the movie. Some of that time was actually spent at the theme park. How this is going to be shown is unclear, but they did provide a peak at the concept of the exhibit on the parks blog.

It looks like it will mostly be some graphics depicting the research done. As well as a look at some of the characters. Nothing more than some photos and cardboard really.

Typically, these type of advertisement/exhibits end shortly after the movie begins. At this point, the plan is to keep the exhibit going through at least April 22nd, Earth Day. The question becomes what if this movie is a big hit. Will there be a permanent presence of Zootopia in a theme park? If there is it seems the most likely park would be the Animal Kingdom, and the most likely area would be Rafiki's Planet Watch. So stay tuned.

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