Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Adult (I mean Booze drinkers) 1 Day touring plan to DAK

Several months ago we did another set of plans with the thought of providing a solid plan for a family incorporating the new Fast Pass Plus system. We hoped to achieve 2 things: Give you a great day at the Animal Kingdom and prove it was no half day park. And, with regards to the latter, we had a 9am to 6pm day where neither of us could fit all the attractions in. 

This plan is something different altogether and we discussed it on episode 80 of Radio Harambe. This for adults who don't care or even want to see everything. It gives you the highlights, it gives you down time and it gives you alcohol and lots of it. The idea is to show that this park is GREAT for relaxing days, enjoying ambiance and entertainment and fine food and drink. 

As with any touring plan, you first need to plan it out 60 days in advance and book those fast passes. So for our plan we want you to pick the following:  Everest for 5pm to 6pm, Kilimanjaro Safari for 11am to Noon, and Dinosaur for 330pm to 430pm. We are assuming the park hours will be from 9am until 6pm which is fairly typical and no extra magic morning hours. 

We mentioned this before: TAKE ADVANTAGE of the new opening procedure that the Animal Kingdom has and roam around the Oasis from 8:30 until the rest of park opens at 9am. Now while the rest of the guests we make a beeline for Everest or the safari, we want you to rope drop the Dawa Bar. 

For well over a year, this lounge opens with specialty bloody marys that are quite good. And they have recently added specialty mimosas. So pick your poison and enjoy the Tam Tam Drummers first set at 9:05. It also might not be a bad idea to grab some pastries over at Kusafiri, too. 

After about 45 minutes (don't worry you will be heading back to the Dawa later), I want you to take a leisurely stroll through the Pangani Forest Trail. In the early morning, the animals tend to be a bit more active. You want to exit Pangani around 10:15 and head over to the 10:30 showing of Festival of The Lion King. Afterwards, you should be all ready for your Kilimanjaro Safaris fast pass. 

After the safari, you are just a short walk to Flights of Wonder for the 11:45 show. After that relaxing bit, I say jump on over to the Maharajah Jungle Trek. Follow this up with a Yak Attack (or some other cocktail like a margarita or draft beer ) at the Quality Beverage counter right there at the Yak and Yeti Counter service and walk in on over to the front of the Tree of Life to watch the 1pm showing of Winged Encounters. 

Now its time for food. Head on over to the Harambe Market for lunch. Beer and ribs are always good here. The swing on over to the Dawa for another round - my choice would be the very good sugar cane mojito, making sure you catch the 1:50 showing of the Burudika Band. We want you spend about a good hour and half eating, drinking, and if you like some shopping but try to get over to Finding Nemo the Musical at about 2:45 for the 3pm show. We find the Nemo Musical and puppetry more enjoyable slightly tanked (pun was intended). 

At the end of the show, you should be ready for your Dinosaur fast pass, so enjoy. Before heading over to the Asia section, we recommended shopping at Chester and Hesters' and perhaps grabbing the new Cretaceous cooler (which is rum and pineapple juice) but you MUST stop at Dino Bites for an ice cream - they have hot fudge sundaes and waffle cones, but the real draw are ice cream sandwiches the size of your head made with fresh baked cookies. YUM. 

Now remember, you have 5pm to 6pm fast passes for Everest. We recommend hopping on board at about 5:25. You'll see why in a sec. But before that, there are 2 solid options for relaxing a bit before the ride. There is the Yak & Yeti lounge and the brand new Thirsty River right by Everest. Here you can enjoy more unique drinks like the Flying Yak or the Himalayan Ghost. 

By getting on board at 5:25 or so, that should give you time for a second ride, getting in the stand by line before 6pm and enjoying the queue before one last encounter with Disco Yeti.  

So what about dinner? I recommend scoring 7pm reservations at Sanaa at Kidani Village. After dinner, you can enjoy the excellent lounge there, as well. Or hit up Jiko or Boma at the Jambo House and a night capping round at Victoria Falls. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Disney's Animal Kingdom News for February 24, 2016: New wallaby

Settlement: Disney has apparently reached a settlement with the family of an employee who had died accidentally during a test of Primeval Whirl. The incident, which occurred in 2011, was related to testing the vehicle and Disney had to pay substantial fines. The details of the settlement, however, were not disclosed.

Baby Joey: Two years ago, the tammar wallabies had a baby named Ozzie. Well, according to the Disney Parks blog, they have not produced another little one. He or she is adorable and still confined to the mother's pouch. So if you are the in the Oasis, make sure you check out the wallabies and the new addition to the park.

photo courtesy of Disney
Walkway Expansions: More work is being done to set up better traffic flow for the soon to start Rivers of Light. Planters near the Flame Tree BBQ are being removed to open up the pathway more. Many guests will likely be exiting that way at one time from the Dinoland side of the show so a big group of plants in the middle of the path will cause a bottleneck. Some construction walls will be going up and the Isle of Java will be closed briefly.

Flame Tree will remain open

Park Hours for this week are....
Thursday February 25 9am- 5:30pm
Friday February 26 9am- 5:30pm
Saturday February 27 8am-  6:30pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday February 28 9am- 6:30pm
Monday February 29 9am- 5pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Tuesday March 1 9am- 5:30pm
Wednesday March 2 9am- 5pm

Have a Wild Time!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Episode 80 of Radio Harambe - The Boozer's Guide to DAK

On this episode, Safari Mike presents his touring guide to the Animal Kingdom for the adult beverage lovers out there! He offers up the best way for those adult travelers who want to soak in the atmosphere and ambience, hit a few rides and probably walk out of the park a little buzzed.

Later in the show, Dave can't resist the temptation to discuss the new "Star War Experience" details announced during the Disneyland 60th Anniversary television show. If you have any questions or comments regarding the show, please email us at Asante Sana!

Expedition Everest at Night

Here's a cool little video. It's Expedition Everest at night.

We are getting closer and closer to regular evening hours at Disney's Animal Kingdom so this will soon be a regular occurrence.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Rivers of Light Construction Update

We are lucky to have friends of the show send us photos of the park. In this case, we got a bunch of good construction photos of the Rivers of Light from @Lucky_Wanjohi on Twitter (you should all be following him). Anyway, here we go...

This is a rather large structure being built in between parts of the stands. We suspect this will be essentially the control room as opposed to some sort of eatery or restroom. 

Here's a look at it through the fencing. 

This is near the beginning of the seating with more additional structures. Now we will give you a panoramic view of all the seating areas so you can get a sense of the scope and layout. 

That bridge might be a prime viewing spot and there is plenty of seating in front of the Theater in the Wild, as well.

As you can see, there is what appears to be hardware built into some of the greenery.

Another small structure is being built on one side of the seating.

These lights can be seen in various areas.

This is on the Asia side of the seating and is likely ramps for handicap access.

Construction continues even near Discovery Island.

Here is a close up look at the seats. We are getting closer to opening. We have heard various reports of an opening date from anywhere from Earth Day (which is when the park opened) on April 22nd all the way until June 1st. Stay tuned for more info. But before we go, a look at the floating mountain from atop Everest. 

Pretty impressive

By Safari Mike 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rivers of Light Logo and Poster

One of the lead choreographers of the Rivers of Light, Ulka Mohanty,  has posted on her Instagram a look at the logo on a poster.

As you can see, its a lotus flower and elephant. The elephant, along with the owl, turtle and tiger are apparently an important part of the show. As you can see in the most recent concept art, the elephant is front and center 

 And the lotus flower is the center piece of the show. The new logo does seem to emphasize family which was referenced in prior releases.

By Safari Mike

Disney's Animal Kingdom News fr February 17, 2016: Gearing up for Rivers of Light

Rivers of Light timing: As we get closer to the opening of Rivers of Light, we may have gotten our first sense as to what time it will start. Beginning June 1, Disney is officially listing the park's hours as ending at 8pm. So does that mean the night time event will begin around Memorial Day? The hours for May 31 are still 7pm, but of course, Disney could extend that at some point.  Does that mean Rivers of Light will take place at 8pm? As we know, its not completely dark at 8pm in June, which seems strange especially considering the brand new concept art released in the Mickey Monitor. It seems the show depends a great deal on being a "night time" event.

New night time entertainment: Another Disney publication, the Disney Files, had an article about the Rivers of Light and expanded park hours, too. Buried within in the article is a reference to night time street parties in both Harambe and on Discovery Island. Its unclear if that means Burudika will play later in the day, or whether Viva Gaia will return to the island, or if there will be new bands performing. Hopefully, we will know more soon.

The Year of the Monkey: With the Chinese new year being the Year of the Monkey, the Disney Parks blog has posted a nice piece about conservation issues with endangered tamarins. Primates can be found throughout the park including the cotton top tamarins on Discovery Island, gorillas at Pangani, Mandrills on the safari, and gibbons in Anandapur. There is also the endangered black-and-white colobus monkeys at the start of the Pangani Forest Trail.

baby colobus money
With all of these species, there are conservation issues, whether its habitat destruction or over hunting for bush meat. So a little focus is a good thing.

Park Hours for this week are....
Thursday February 18 9am- 7pm
Friday February 19 9am- 6:30pm
Saturday February 20 8am-  6:30pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday February 21 8am- 6:30pm
Monday February 22 9am- 5pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Tuesday February 23 9am- 5:30pm
Wednesday February 24 9am- 5:30pm

Have a Wild Time

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Episode 79 of Radio Harambe - Touring the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

It's time for another of our guided audio tours of Disney's Animal Kingdom, as Safari Mike takes us on a journey through the backstory, details and animal life at the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. Before that, Dave and Mike talk about all the news from the Animal Kingdom and the rest of Walt Disney World.

If you have any questions or comments about the show, please feel free to email us at Asante Sana!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Crocodiles on the Wild Africa Trek

The Wild Africa Trek is expensive but very fun. And one of the best parts is the walk "back stage" through a portion of the Kilimanjaro Safari.

The walk takes you through the hippos and, as seen here, the Nile Crocodiles. You actually have to hook yourself to a line, because you really don't want to fall in.

By Safari Mike

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Photo of the Day: Gibbon Ruins

One of the most enchanting exhibits at the Animal Kingdom has to be the white cheeked gibbon and siamang exhibits. 

The look and feel of them transports you to a different place: the jungles of Southern Asia. The land of Anandapur itself does a good job of that but this area is particularly stunning. Not to mention the lesser apes are a blast to watch.