Friday, May 13, 2016

Animal Kingdom News: May 13, 2016: A review of Pizzafari and some harpists

More and More entertainment: 2 additional acts that have been brought in for the new night time entertainment offerings have begun testing at the park. You will be able to see Kora Tinga Ting in Harambe and the Sunset Sarenatas on Discovery Island. These acts are not on the schedule as of yet. They are both harpists and from what I have seen, a bit on the new age-y side, if that's your thing.

New items at Pizzafari: There is a comprehensive review of Pizzafari, which recently reopened, over that the Disney Food Blog. The review focuses on some of the new flatbreads as well as the shrimp on a lettuce bed. Pizzafari was always my least favorite quick service at the park, but the quality has definitely been improving over the last year or so. It remains one of the most pleasant buildings to sit in though.

Park Hours for this week are....
Friday May 13 9am- 6pm
Saturday May 14 8am-  6:30pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday May 15 9am- 6:30pm
Monday May 16 9am- 6pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Tuesday May 17 9am- 6pm
Wednesday May 18 9am- 6pm
Thursday May 19 9am- 6pm

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