Friday, May 20, 2016

Endangered Species Day

So Twitter just told me its Endangered Species Day. In honor of that, here are some pictures of endangered species located at Disney's Animal Kingdom where efforts are underway to help save these animals:

The African elephant is, of course, endangered mostly due to poaching for its ivory tusks.

Addax were hunted to near extinction thanks to its beautiful horns.

Thanks to habitat destruction as well as over hunting, many bat species are endangered. We have only recently begun to understand their importance in bug control and in pollinating fruits like these bats.

Like the elephant, poaching has decimated all rhino species.

Once hunted as it was believed to prey on livestock, the biggest concerns now for the painted dog are diseases found commonly in domestic dogs.

Many birds like this Victoria Crowned pigeon are suffering due to the destruction of its rain forest home.

In years past, cotton top tamarins were exported out of its native Colombia for use in medical testing. They are still taken for the pet trade, and like many animals, their forest homes are being destroyed.

All species of tigers are endangered thanks to habitat destruction and poaching as their body parts are used of medicinal purposes.

Cheetahs suffer from a rare genetic issue. At some point in their evolution, their gene pool was so reduced that now each animal shares an abnormally high amount of the same DNA, creating all sorts of problems with reproduction.

Found only on the island of Komodo and some nearby Indonesian islands, this is the largest of all lizards and has always had a small population. The dragon is now endangered thanks to the usual issues of poaching and habitat loss.

By Safari Mike

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  1. Our zoo has almost all of those endangered animals. I know some don't like zoos, but in my opinion they definitely serve a purpose.