Friday, May 13, 2016

The Avatar Presentation

A few weeks ago, Joe Rohde and Jon Landau (a producer for the Avatar movies) made a presentation to the people getting a preview of Rivers of Light. We previously linked for you the video of the actual presentation. The highlight of the video was a clip of the Audio Animatronic of a Na'vi. Its quite impressive.

But I did want to point out an interesting quote from the presentation:

There's a very sophisticated bed of sound that sits under the landscape. There are huge animals moving in the distance. There are things for you to do to involve yourself with the culture, and of course there are the major attractions with astonishing flight across the planet on the back of a banshee and this beautiful, beautiful, beautiful musical journey into the bioluminescent forest which is just a stunning, stunning illusion

There are some very interesting tidbits in there I think.  "Huge Animals Moving in the Distance"? Where? On the attractions? Or will there somehow be an effect of some type in the walking paths themselves?

I am also fascinated by the musical journey that will be the boat ride through the bioluminescent forest. The reference to the "bed of sound" under the landscape is a great metaphor. It seems rather obvious that at least the vast majority of the boat ride will be indoors and dark so the forest comes alive. If you watch the video, they spend a lot of it on showing this plant life. But, apparently, music will play a major role. Perhaps a real treat for all of you background music loop fans.

Finally, what does it mean that there will be things for you to do involving the culture? Now, I recall a Parks Blog post from last year wherein they talk about a shaman of the Na'vi sending you into this journey (i.e. the boat ride). Is that what is meant by things to do with culture, or does it mean there will be activities around the land for guests to enjoy that immerse you into the culture. Since the land itself will have a backstory involving an ecotourism company, the latter seems quite plausible.

One thing Mr. Rohde did say is that will be more information given out over the next year, so stay tuned.

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