Sunday, July 31, 2016

Episode 90 of Radio Harambe - July 2016 News Special

It’s another news show as Dave and Safari Mike comment on all the latest happenings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Walt Disney World. They discuss some menu changes, additions to Rafiki's Planet Watch and even some Star Wars talk.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

International Tiger Day

Its international tiger day so I figured we could celebrate with some pictures of the beautiful cats on the Maharajah Jungle Trek

Tigers are one of the most endangered species in the world, with less than 4,000 cats in the wild. In some areas, like in Nepal, there has been hope. That country estimates about a 60% increase in the cat over the last few years.

The specimens at the jungle trek were of mixed background. This meant they would not be bred. Well, now we have a male and female of the Malaysian subspecies.

The picture above and below does display some of the amazing theming and decor of the jungle trek, which demonstrates the relationship between man and nature, As you can imagine, in that area of the world, tigers play an important role in myth and culture.

For fun, I decided to throw in some pictures from the incredible Tiger Mountain exhibit at the Bronx Zoo.

The Bronx exhibit displays the Siberian subspecies which is much bigger and, as you can see, loves the cold weather.

By Safari Mike

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Disney's Animal Kingdom News for July 28, 2016: a new site and Pete'sDragon

Pete's Dragon is Coming: Disney is, if you already didn't know, releasing a new version of Pete's Dragon and they are celebrating that release at Disney's Animal Kingdom. No, its not the return of the flying dragon from Fantasyland's opening a few years ago. Nope, they are just passing out some buttons. Because the movie involves a park ranger and the woods, you will be able to pick up a movie button and take part in a puzzle game about National Parks at Rafiki's Planet Watch. This table will debut in early August to coincide with the film's August 12th release.

A new AKL Lodge site: Are you a fan of the Animal Kingdom Lodge? If the answer is yes (and how could it not be really), then check out a brand new site dedicated just to the lodge, The site comes to you from our very good friends over at the Disney Hipsters. The site already contains amazing photos and a ton of useful information for people staying there, thinking of staying or just planning to pop in for a visit. You also may see a certain awarding winning podcast co-host on the pages there.

Park Hours for this week are....
Thursday July 28 9am- 11pm
Friday July 29 9am-11pm
Saturday July 30 9am- 11pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday July 31 9am- 11pm
Monday August 1 9am- 11pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Tuesday August 2 9am- 11pm
Wednesday August 3 9am- 11pm

Sunday, July 24, 2016

AKL Art Spotlight: Prestige Gown of the Babanki

Located on the floors just above the lobby of the Jambo House is this beautiful gown of the Babanki people of Cameroon. This tribe is located in the western grasslands of that African nation. Currently, there are about 40,000 members of this ethnic group. The tribe pays homage to a single king, and this gown would be worn only by one of his wives.

Like many tribes in that area, the Babanki worship their ancestors. Unlike many, they believe the spirits of these ancestors can be found in the deceased's skulls. The skulls of family members are possessed by the oldest living male of the family. It is believed that if a skull is not preserved that particular spirit may then haunt the family mostly because he has nowhere to live. Therefore, there is a lot skull iconography in their art. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Disney's Animal Kingdom News for July 21, 2016: New chickens

Testing of Amphitheater: Disney is testing a new opening procedure at the amphitheater for the Jungle Book show. They are opening the theater only 20 minutes prior to the show. It is hoped that guest will spend more time on attractions and enjoying entertainment (or perhaps shopping) as opposed to finding their seats up to an hour early. This will continue to be monitored but it is anticipated that the testing will end on the 25th.

New critters at Rafikis: The Affection Section area at Rafiki's Planet Watch has seen the addition of three new species of rare chickens. You can now see Naked-necked turkens, Leghorn chickens, and Amereaucana chickens. The turkens were at point thought to be a mix of turkeys and chickens but are actually a chicken species. The Leghorn species is listed as a recovering breed.

Park Hours for this week are....
Thursday July 21 9am- 11pm
Friday July 22 9am-11pm
Saturday July 23 9am- 11pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday July 24 9am- 11pm
Monday July 25 9am- 11pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Tuesday July 26 9am- 11pm
Wednesday July 27 9am- 11pm

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Disney Animal Kingdom News for July 13, 2016: More food and more fuel

FuelRods are here: We live in an age where everyone has smart phones and uses them constantly. Whether that is searching for Pokemon or killing time in a queue, batteries get drained quickly. Heck, Disney even encourages park guests to use their phones to make fast passes, check wait times and otherwise plan their days on the go. In order to keep those phones charged, Disney has added charging stations. Now Disney is adding FuelRod kiosks to all parks and Disney Springs. The one at DAK is located at the Island Mercantile shop. For a fee of $30, you essentially purchase a FuelRod and cable, which are yours to keep - this is NOT a rental. A fully charged FuelRod has about 8 hours of charging a phone and 4 hours for most tablets. Not only can you charge the purchased FuelRod later on, you can also exchanged your depleted FuelRod for a fully charged one, which I think is a big plus to this program.

New Options at Tiffins: The new signature eatery has been given virtually universal praise so far. The only real complaint has been the prices. Its not cheap. At lunch, a new more affordable Light Bites menu is now being offered which includes salad, soup and a $10 bread service option. Plus, the new Taste of Tiffins allows you to try a small plate of 2 of the expensive entree options plus rice for the not-too-bad price of $28.

Park Hours for this week are....
Thursday July 14 9am- 11pm
Friday July 15 9am-11pm
Saturday July 16 9am- 11pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday July 17 9am- 11pm
Monday July 18 9am- 11pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Tuesday July 19 9am- 11pm
Wednesday July 20 9am- 11pm

Its interesting to see how set in stone the park hours have been. Its 9am to 11pm every single day. The Animal Kingdom seems to be the new Epcot which for years has had set hours of 9am to 9pm not counting Extra Magic Hours. I also wonder if Disney will start using evening extra magic hours at the park soon.

Safari Mike

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Photo of the Day: The Sable Antelope in the morning

One of my favorite animals in the park is the Sable Antelope. They are beautiful and elegant creatures. When we did the Sunrise Safari, we got a great look at the herd and in particular, this female in the tall grass of the savanna.

As I am sure you know, the Sable is the symbol of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. And they are certainly impressive.

By Safari Mike

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Episode 89 of Radio Harambe: A Review of DAK at Night

On this episode we have a trip report! Dave recently came back from Walt Disney World and Safari Mike has lots of questions for him about his experience with the new nighttime offerings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Dave tried to see as many new things as possible, and offers up his review of everything from the Jungle Book show to new live music and everything in between.

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