Thursday, July 28, 2016

Disney's Animal Kingdom News for July 28, 2016: a new site and Pete'sDragon

Pete's Dragon is Coming: Disney is, if you already didn't know, releasing a new version of Pete's Dragon and they are celebrating that release at Disney's Animal Kingdom. No, its not the return of the flying dragon from Fantasyland's opening a few years ago. Nope, they are just passing out some buttons. Because the movie involves a park ranger and the woods, you will be able to pick up a movie button and take part in a puzzle game about National Parks at Rafiki's Planet Watch. This table will debut in early August to coincide with the film's August 12th release.

A new AKL Lodge site: Are you a fan of the Animal Kingdom Lodge? If the answer is yes (and how could it not be really), then check out a brand new site dedicated just to the lodge, The site comes to you from our very good friends over at the Disney Hipsters. The site already contains amazing photos and a ton of useful information for people staying there, thinking of staying or just planning to pop in for a visit. You also may see a certain awarding winning podcast co-host on the pages there.

Park Hours for this week are....
Thursday July 28 9am- 11pm
Friday July 29 9am-11pm
Saturday July 30 9am- 11pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday July 31 9am- 11pm
Monday August 1 9am- 11pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Tuesday August 2 9am- 11pm
Wednesday August 3 9am- 11pm


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