Thursday, December 29, 2016

Disney Animal Kingdom News for December 29, 2016: More Pandora

Disney Parade: One of the (few) highlights of this year's Disney Christmas Parade was the video clip showing us some more glimpses of the upcoming Avatarland. There was nothing earth shattering, but some interesting details were given. Orlando Park News put up some stills here. The 3 most interesting tidbits involve the landscape and the rides. You got quite a few looks at some of the plant life of the land as well as close ups on the floating mountains. There was scenes of executives testing out the boat ride. And we all love boat rides. Finally, there was a peek at the simulator. If you look close, it seems you can see the "banshees" lined up. The theater is very Soarin'-like but instead of seats, you have rows of what looks like bicycle machines.

Park Hours for this week are....
Thursday December 29 8 am- 8:30 pm
Friday December 30 8 am-8:30 pm
Saturday December 31 8 am- 8:30 pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday  January 1 9 am- 7 pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Monday January 2 9 am- 7 pm
Tuesday January 3 9 am- 7 pm
Wednesday January 4 9 am-7 pm

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