Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Jambo House 1 Bed Room Suite

We recently spent a few days in a one bedroom suite at the Jambo House DVC wing. And let me tell you, we love this set up as its a great and spacious room. 

First of all the balcony is huge covering the space of 2 full rooms. Want to have a few guests? This would be a great spot to relax. The bedroom itself has plenty of space. 

I wanted to give you some photos of what the room looks like to help decide if you really want to use the extra points for this place. Honestly, I think its worth it but, of course, it truly depends on the points available to you.

The bedroom is located down a small hall from the living room and kitchen across from a large bathroom. One of the best features is the laundry appliances available in the room. This means for a week stay you don't need to pack for a week. Let the laundry go while you enjoy the parks since it your room, you don't have to sit there waiting for it.

The living space has a nice table with a large screen TV.

The kitchen has plenty of space to actually cook. To be honest, we never do that on vacation but its there.

Moving to the bathroom, you can see its plenty big.

The decor, of course, sticks with the look of the resort as a whole with great dark woods and African art.

The chairs, tables and other pieces follow this aesthetic. I for one love these mirrors.

And there is always outside...

Obviously the best part of the room is the view. I mean this can't be beat. 

By Safari Mike 

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  1. It was actually staying at Jambo house (1 bedroom, DVC--we rented points from a friend) that convinced us to take the plunge and become DVC members. Since then, we've also stayed at Kidani (which I slightly prefer due to the extra bathroom). I agree with you that the view is definitely worth the points. IMHO, it's the best lodge at WDW.