Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Disney's Animal Kingdom News for February 1, 2017: Terra changes and animal encounters

Terra Treats: The old Terra Treats has replaced its once allergy friendly menu. Its now serving chicken wings. Oh, and beer.

Animal Encounters: During my recent visit, I was able to spot one of the new animal experiences. In my case, a keeper was walking around with a boa. I have seen pictures of other reptiles, such as a bearded dragon also being shown close up to guests. People were allowed to briefly touch the boa.

No more BBQ sauce: In a further move to the bad, Disney is replacing the signature barbecue sauce at the Flame Tree BBQ with the rather generic Heinz BBQ sauce. For the time being, you can still but bottles of the sauce at the shops in the park and at the lodge and Disney is not getting rid of the sweet and spicy sauce at the eatery. However, Flame Tree has steadily gotten worse over the years and although its still beautiful, the food is now sub par and this change certainly won't help.

Park Hours for this week are....
Thursday February 2 9 am- 7:30 pm
Friday February 3 9 am-7:30 pm
Saturday Febraury 4 9 am- 7:30 pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Sunday  February 5 9 am- 7:30 pm
Monday February 6 9 am- 7:30 pm Extra Magic Hour in the morning
Tuesday February 7 9 am- 7:30 pm
Wednesday February 8 9 am-7:30 pm

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