Thursday, February 9, 2017

Visit Pandora

Disney has released a brand new website. We welcome you to Visit Pandora. The hype leading up to opening of Pandora, World of Avatar begins now.

The conceit of the site is that Alpha Centauri Expeditions, ACE, the fictional travel company taking you to the planet, has released a website to give you information for your upcoming "tours." The site has a page dedicated to the experts hired by ACE for these expeditions, giving you bios for the river guide, the banshee expert and other guides and scientists involved in the project.

The other part of the site, for now anyway, gives a brief description of the 2 attractions plus the area all of this is set in, Mo'ara Valley. We do find out some more details about the area. For example, the river you are on for the boat ride is called the Kaspavan River. On that journey, you will travel under a canopy of glowing plants and animals on the move. The banshees will take you under the floating mountains and through stone arches.

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