Monday, July 24, 2017

Tiger Babies!

As we had discussed when we found out Sumatran tigers were coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom, the hope was that someday there would be cubs. That day apparently will be here sometime in August. Yes, August just a few weeks away. Sohni, the female, and Malosi have successfully bred and are due to be parents real soon. Be prepared for a lot of tiger cuteness.

Sumatran tigers are highly endangered. There are only about 400-500 in the wild, and about of 100 of those live in unprotected rain forest and not park land or other protected areas. Habitat loss and poaching are critical threats to all species of tigers.

Thankfully, this species of tiger is doing fairly well in captivity. And Disney's Animal Kingdom is part of the Species Survival Plan, a national program dedicated to ensure the genetic viability of this tiger and hopefully, one day, help reintroduce animals into the wild.

By Safari Mike

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