Saturday, August 5, 2017

Happy 5th Birthday to Us

August 10, 2012 was the beginning of a pet project Dave and I had discussed for some time. We launched this very blog you are reading.

We had a previous blog that was much more generalized - Mouse Extra. We had a good time throwing out opinions, reviews and what not. But we really sort of got tired of doing that. Dave thought it would be better to focus on one of the things we loved most about the resort, The Animal Kingdom.

Even 5 years ago, there was a wide plethora of Disney blogs and many were essentially the same, basically Mouse Extra. But we thought if you had a niche, that might interest people. And well, we LOVED the park.

As I am sure you know, I have had an interest in conservation and the work zoos do for a long time. I volunteered at the Bronx Zoo for 18 years starting when I went to college. The combination of 2 my loves - Disney and Zoos - meant I had an instant interest in this park. And when I visited in 1998, it was instantly my favorite.

A lot has changed over the last five years both personally and with the park. We started a podcast almost a year after the launch of the blog. And I have met many lifelong friends because of this.

Since we started the blog, Disney purchased the theme park rights for Avatar, which of course, sparked a lot of talk here. Harambe Market was built, and we broke the news months before anyone else (a source of great pride for us). Rivers of Light started and many other fascinating things.

So thanks to all of you that made this possible.


  1. Love your blog and podcast. Happy Birthday!

  2. I check the site every day. Love it and love DAK!