Sunday, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

Its true. The Animal Kingdom is not the focal point of celebrating the holidays at Walt Disney World. There are parties over at the Magic Kingdom, Holiday celebrations from around the world at Epcot and a new show at the Tower of the Terror.

But at the Animal Kingdom, you can certainly enjoy some fun decor. And, frankly, it is usually the least crowded park on Christmas Day. I decided to put up a few pictures of some the ways the Animal Kingdom shows its holiday spirit.

You can fun things like this Stitch scattered through out the park. 

At night, the park takes on a special look. Like the rest of the park, this one is darker and the holiday decor more subtle. 

The tree ornaments also a very different at the Animal Kingdom. Like the lion above, the decorations are very specific and well themed. 

And I just love Harambe during the holidays. Keeping with the theme of an old African town, you will find wreaths made of old bicycle tires. 

So Merry Christmas. 

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