Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Up A Great Bird Adventure Begins Previews

Yesterday, April 16th saw the first soft opening of the new bird show in Anandapur at Disney's Animal Kingdom. The old show, Flights of Wonder (a personal favorite) closed just after the new year to make way for this refreshed version starring the characters from Up (also a personal favorite). Fortunately, Dave was there at the park and got into the very first preview of the show. He was not impressed.

It does not appear much has changed with regards to the theater itself. While the place was closed for several months, they did not take the opportunity to make much aesthetic change to the place.

The show itself also did not change too much. According to Dave, this version is just a little cheesier and frankly, dumbed down. Imagine Flights of Wonder but just with Dug and Russell, and a little less bird information. Also, these are not advanced characters that we have seen pop up in other shows. There is no talking. And can someone explain how Kevin doesn't make an appearance. He's a main character from the movie, he's a giant bird. IT IS A BIRD SHOW.

There is still audience participation, although some of the tricks as you can see below, have been altered.

And some tricks are taken directly from the short lived, abridged birds shows they did in Dinoland and Harambe. Here (although the bird did not cooperate) guests get ready to have a bird walk across their arms.

I did the same thing in Dinoland last year.

And, of course, some things remain. Like there is always Hope.....

In any event, the show does need to work out a few kinks. Hence, the reason to start previewing it a week early. And here's hoping they work on the some of storytelling, as well. But, at the very least, we still get to see some cool birds. As Dave said in a text after the show: Its got a long way to go.


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  2. I think the thing to remember is that shows will change drastically as the actors and animals become more familiar with their surroundings/roles. I have a feeling it will evolve into something that exceeds expectations once it fires on all cylinders. Previews are meant to allow shows to see what works and what doesn't so I'm excited to see what happens after its opening! I think it is great that there is more direct audience interaction than the previous show. Thanks for the preview!

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