Thursday, September 6, 2018

Animal Kingdom Theme Spotlight: Pandora to Harambe

The park does serene well. We all know it. Even when you first walk into the park, the mood is one of quietness (which can be hard to pull off at rope drop). For certain, Pandora is not serene. At least not yet. The place, especially first thing in the morning, is a mad house.

In creating Pandora, the imagineers have given us another example of that peacefulness they are so good at creating with this path that leads from the theater district of Harambe - where the lion king show plays - to Pandora near the gift shop and Sa'tuli Canteen.

In the middle of the day, there is often no one using this area, and it is very pretty walk along the Discovery River.

At certain times, there is even entertainment there. We walked the path around lunch time and found a duo performing creating even more ambiance.

It is places like this that really put the Animal Kingdom ahead of all other parks in my mind. Yes, the attractions are great. The zoological exhibits are top notch. But it is places like this where the park shines.

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