Thursday, August 1, 2019

Beauty of the Maharajah Jungle Trek 

There is no question that the Maharajah Jungle Trek is beautiful. It is rich in backstory and details. Here are some photos of those very details. Enjoy

We have gone through the story of the maharajahs many times. There is no need to go over it again (except maybe on the podcast).

When you get to the red temple, just before entering the aviary, make sure you keep a look out for the stone tablets depicting early life in Anandapur.

Prayers abound everywhere, particularly near the tigers.

The aviary was once the gran ballroom of the maharajahs' palace.

Look closely at all the bird murals there.

Of course, tigers are a main theme of the ruins, much like they are in Indian folklore. The Maharajah Jungle trek is a detailed zoo trail unlike any in the country.

Safari Mike


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