Guide to Tours of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Animal Kingdom Lodge

Tours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Wild Africa Trek

Restrictions: Ages 9 and up, Max weight of 350 lbs, 
Price: $189 and up  Length: 3 hours   
Days and Times: 7 days a week at 8am, 9am,10am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm
Meeting Location:  Behind the Tusker House in Africa

One of the headline offerings among the guided tours of Walt Disney World, the Wild Africa Trek takes you up close and personal with the animals of Kilimanjaro Safari.  You will walk a rope bridge over a river filled with Nile Crocodile, peer over a cliff onto a pool of hippos and get the chance to dine on the savanna.  It’s a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience that you can only find at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Wild By Design

Restrictions: Ages 14 and up  Price: $63.90  Duration: 3 hours   
Days and Times: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri at 8:30 am  Meet Location: DAK turnstiles

If you love the kind of details and design elements that separate Disney theme parks from all the rest, than Wild By Design is the tour for you.  This walking tour takes place entirely on-stage and walks through the park pointing out the history and ideas that make it such an immersive experience.  Along the way you will see more than a few things you never noticed before and even get to speak with a zookeeper or two about the work they do with the animals and their habitats.

Backstage Safari

Restrictions: Ages 16 and up  Price: $76.68  Duration: 3 hours   
Days and Times: Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri at 8:30 am and 1pm  
Meet Location: DAK turnstiles

This tour takes you behind the scenes to see where the animals sleep and are cared for by  the animal care specialist of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  This tour takes place almost entirely “backstage” offering a fascinating look into what goes in to the day-to-day operations of a the park.  Since it takes place during park hours, the chance to see animals is limited since most are onstage during this time.

Tours at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Sunrise Safari

Restrictions: Ages 3 and up, Animal kingdom Lodge Guests Only  
Price: $75.00 ages 10 and up, $40.00 ages 3-10 Duration: 2 hours  
Days and Times: Thu and Sun at 7am 
Meet Location: Concierge Lounge

A tour reserved as a perk for concierge level guests of the Animal Kingdom Lodge, the Sunrise Safari is a special tour of the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction.  Instead of the normal trip, this tour takes around 45 minutes or more, giving guests the chance to spend much more time with the animals.  After the safari, a breakfast is served at Pizzafari

Wanyama Safari

Restrictions: Ages 8 and up  Price: $170.00  Duration: 3 hours   
Days and Times: Daily Afternoons (around 4pm depending on season)  
Meet Location: Jiko

The Waynama Safari is the perfect blend of culture, wildlife and culinary delight.  This tour takes you through the savannas of the Animal Kingdom Lodge giving you an up-close look at the animals found throughout the resort.  It is a guided tour offering great information about the wildlife and finishes with a meal at the beloved Jiko restaurant.

Night Safari

Restrictions: Ages 8 and up (Lodge Guests Only)  Price: $70.00  Duration: 1 hour  
Days and Times: Wed, Fri, Sat, Sun (times depend on season)  
Meet Location: Kidani Village Lobby

The newest tour offered at the Animal Kingdom Lodge is a one hour night safari through the Kidani Village savanna with the use of night-vision goggles.  After meeting in the lobby, guests are given a pair of goggles and are driven through the savanna in an open-air truck.  Guides point out the animals and offer some fascinating information about them.  It’s a great way to end your Disney day.

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